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Herbal Methionine

We offer wide raneg of Herbal Methionine. Herbal Methionine is a natural source of active methionine . It is scientifically developed from a specific combination of botanicals & contains Methionine in dipeptide & oligopeptide forms in a readily digestible composition, along with natural enzymes required for conversion of Methionine in to L - isomer of active form ( SAM) for its optimum utilization.

Characterstics of Herbal Methionine :

  • Methionine in di peptide & oligo peptide form present in Herbal Methionine is more bio active & bio available.
  • Methionine in natural & L - isomeric form present in Herbal Methionine gets easily absorbed & sustains in body for longer duration of time.
  • Precursor ( serine & aspartic acid ) & intermediates ( SAM & MAT ) present in herbal methionine.
  • Folic Acid present in herbal methionine spares dietry methionine for protein synthesis instead of one carbon transfer reactions.

Advantage of Herbal Methionine :

  • Better performance in terms of live weight gain.
  • Increase feed intake.
  • Improvment in FCR
  • Elevates efficiency of protein & energy utilization.
  • Decrease liver triglyceride markedly , thus prevents fatty liver.

Dosage Instruction :

  • Broilers : 1:1 replacement of synthetic methionine with Herbal Methionine or 1.5 kg/ ton of feed.
  • Layers : One part synthetic merthionine
  • Breeders : 2 part synthetic methionine & one part herbal methionine.

Packing : 25 KG Bag



We offer wide raneg of Herbal Lysine. Herbal Lysine is developed from selected botanicals with a lysine activity & contains lysine in conjugated dipeptide and oligopeptide forms . Lysine conjugate are encapsulated within phytosomes naturally present in herbal lysine which further increases the bio availibility of lysine . Herbal lysine leads to a marked improvement in feed intake , digestibility of nutrients , better FCR , weight gain.

Mode of Action :
Herbal Lysine contains many phytochemical activities of L - Lysine in vivo.

Adavantages of Herbolysine :

  • Improves body weight & FCR.
  • Optimizes egg production & egg weight.
  • Improves hatchability and hatching performances.
  • Optimizes health and livability.
  • Protects birds from stress and related problems.
  • Optimizes protein synthesis and energy utilization.

Dosage Rate :
1 kg of Bio - Lysine replace 1 kg of synthetic L - Lysine.

Packing : 25 KGS
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